Five Eating Plans to Get on Crash Diet

What is actually crash diet? It is basically a diet to rapidly lose your weight. You can even feel the result within days. Most people would be able to lose some pounds in a week. There are at least five extreme diet plans to perform crash diet. First, the juice diet. It is a very extreme diet plan where you just consume fruit and vegetable juices in 60 days. Some people still eating solid food such as fruits and steam vegetables when they can stand this eating plan. Second, the cabbage soup diet. The reality show “My Name is Earl” claims that you can lose 10 ponds in week with this eating plan. You eat only cabbage soup and some selected food for this crash diet.

Third, the grape fruit diet. Kylie Minogue gets on a crash diet with the grape fruit diet and claims that she loses weight in 10 days. The grape fruit diet has been known since 1930. Basically, you increase the function of some enzyme to burn more calories by eating big amount of grapes and drink grape juice. Fourth, the Hollywood diet. People in Hollywood are crazy about crash diet. The Hollywood eating plans only allow you to consume the juice that is sold in Hollywood diet plan package. They claim that you can lose up to 10 ponds in less than a week. Fifth, the protein diet. The last diet plan is the protein diet. Basically, you eat only protein and fiber. The protein will be the source of energy and the fiber will provide you vitamins and mineral. It can be a solution to get on a crash diet on your busy days.

Any eating plan you choose to perform the crash diet, basically you have to cut the calories. The reason shy you can lose so much weight quickly in crash diet is because you eat only 700 – 900 calories in a day. It is less than half of the actual calories you need in a day.

Healthy tips

Since crash diet is quite extreme, you have to be really careful. There are a lot of people send to the hospital because of this diet. Even so, some people are even willing to get on crash diet to lose weight quickly. You still try this diet, but you have to pay attention on several tips. Although most people claim that crash diet can help you lose weight very quickly, you still have to set a more realistic goal. You cannot think about losing 10 ponds in a week. At least, you need two week to lose 10 ponds.

Then, you cannot just cut the calories extremely in sudden. It is suggested for you to reduce the calories consumption gradually. You need at least three days to get used to the new eating habits. You cannot also just try the extreme eating plan. The extreme eating plan may affect the glucose level in your body extremely. Adjust the eating plan gradually. You also still have to watch your health and glucose level. Keep a tight schedule would be much healthier than just cutting the meal. At last, you also should watch your activity to make sure that you can stand on the crash diet.